Unique features of the fund include the focus and experience in brain related diseases, potential deal flow from philanthropies, operational as well as venture capital experience, and a focus on social as well as economic considerations

There is a convergence of science, technology and market forces that is creating a rare opportunity in the field of brain related diseases.

  • With the scientific advancement by the genomic sequencing of normal and diseased states, we are able to identify molecular and genomic abnormalities.
  • With the advent of new technologies in the field of nanotechnology we are able to convert these research observations into clinical practice from diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives, enabling optimal therapy for individual patients.
  • The clinical market is large and growing due to the aging of the baby boomer population with a strong desire to retain quality of life and mental acuity as they age.

There is also an emergence of a new class of philanthropy which is focused on enabling the rapid translation of pioneering research into meaningful clinical benefit for patients. These philanthropies, such as Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Inc. (ABC2), can initiate the process of such translation but require additional financing and additional skills to develop these promising new opportunities into viable and attractive commercial successes. The Brain Trust Accelerator Fund intends to provide a portion of the additional financial capital and access to the skill sets required.