Amnestix was an early-stage biotech company founded in 2006, which focused on novel therapeutics for improving memory deficits associated with a variety of human diseases.

The company was founded on the discoveries of Dietrich Stephan, PhD, Director of the Neurogenomics Division and his associate, Matthew Huentelman, PhD, at the Translational Genomics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, along with collaborators at the University of Zurich.

Working with Amnestix Chief Executive Officer Karoly Nikolich, PhD, the company was developing small-molecule drugs for memory-related disorders. The sole funding for Amnestix was provided by Brain Trust Accelerator Fund.

Amnestix was successfully acquired in June 2008 by SYNGIS Pharma AG, a leading biotechnology company in Europe. Three of the Amnestix-derived products are being developed by SYNGIS.

BrainScope Company, Inc.

BrainScope is a privately held medical neurotechnology company focused initially on Traumatic Brain Injury. The company is developing a new generation of portable, simple-to-use, non-invasive instruments to aid medical professionals in rapidly and objectively providing clinically meaningful information to aid in the assessment of brain function at the initial point of care. The company's Ahead 100 device was cleared for use by the FDA on November 19, 2014, provide an interpretation of the structural condition of a patient's brain after head injury such as concussion. The portability and availability of these tools in development could allow patients suffering from brain dysfunctions to be promptly identified, which could help guide clinicians to appropriate steps after the injury has occurred.

Chase Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Chase Pharmaceuticals is an early-stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the identification and clinical development of medically improved, commercially promising treatments for central nervous system diseases. The company's aim is to link emerging technical opportunities in the basic neurosciences to the expanding medical needs of those with brain disease.

Brain Trust Accelerator Fund was the sole investor in the Series A financing in 2011. After successful Phase I clinical trials, Chase closed a $21 million Series B financing in 2014 to fund Phase II clinical trials in Alzheimer's patients. The new investors in the Series B round included Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, Cipla Ventures and New Rhein Healthcare. Allergan and Chase Press Release


Neurofluidics was an early-stage medical device company that developed novel, targeted and logical treatment approaches for patients suffering from a variety of neurological disorders. Brain Trust Accelerator Fund was the primary investor in the company.

The company was successfully acquired by Minnetronix, a leading medical device company, in June 2013. Minnetronix continues to advance the development of the Neurofluidics unique technology. (


Satoris was an early-stage molecular diagnostics company when Brain Trust Accelerator Fund invested in the firm, which focused on developing blood-based tests for neurodegenerative diseases. The company focused on developing and commercializing neurodiagnostic tests that yield the earliest, most accurate and most clinically relevant diagnoses, so that healthcare costs can be reduced while patient care becomes even more effective.

Myriad Genetics acquired the Satoris diagnostics technology in 2011 and is continuing development of the blood-based tests.